Now you can hum to search Google for songs you can’t remember

Not being able to recall the song stuck in your head can be extremely frustrating but thankfully Google now has the perfect solution for it.

The tech giant announced on its blog that a new ‘Hum to search’ feature to search for songs by humming a few bars, in an attempt to help people identify music.

“Do you know that song that goes, “da na na na na do do?” We bet Google Search does. Next time a song is stuck in your head, just #HumToSearch into the Google app and we’ll identify the song,” says Google.


The new feature is now part of Google’s mobile app and Google Assistant. You can simply say “what’s this song?” (add a “Hey Google” first on Google Assistant) and then hum, whistle, or sing for 10 to 15 seconds.

After you’re finished humming, our machine learning algorithm helps identify potential song matches, along with the search engine’s estimation of how likely it is that each is the one you’re looking for.

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Then you can select the best match and explore information on the song and artist, view any accompanying music videos or listen to the song on your favorite music app, find the lyrics, read analysis and even check out other recordings of the song when available.

People have asked Google “what song is playing” nearly 100 million times each month, says Aparna Chennapragada, a Google vice president who introduced the new feature during Google’s streamed event.

The feature will first be available in English on Apple’s iOS and in over 20 languages on Google’s Android mobile platform.

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