Sony announces PS5 event for September 16

Gaming is on a tear due to demand from stuck-at-home users during the Covid-19 pandemic and Sony is about to cash in on this opportunity with the release of PlayStation 5.

Sony will go live with a 40-minute “digital showcase” on Wednesday, September 16th providing an insight into the release date and price of the latest PS5.

In May, 2020, despite reports of coronavirus pandemic impacting all parts of Sony’s business, the company said that PlayStation 5 console will be released as scheduled.

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Microsoft also announced that this week the Xbox Series S will go on sale in November priced at $299.99, with the more powerful Xbox Series X priced at $499.99.

Sony, widely seen as the victor of the last generation console battle, already offers cloud gaming via the PlayStation Now service, but this is not available on mobile devices.

The company opened up pre-registration for PS5 preorders last month, however, there is no date announced for official preorders or pricing and release date information.

Microsoft takes aim at Sony with cloud gaming service

Microsoft has also launched its Xbox cloud gaming service priced at $1 for new users’ first month, in a major drive to attract casual gamers with the promise of cutting ties to the living room and as competition with Sony heats up.

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, priced at $14.99 monthly, will be able to play more than 150 games via the cloud on Xbox consoles, Android devices, and PCs.

This article was originally published on The Verge.

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